tried + true


baby: Tate

life with kokopax: When we had our first child 2-1/2 years ago we were given a big backpack carrier from one of the local outdoor stores. With the exception of the occasional weekend hike it collects dust in the garage. Not long after Tate was born we got a kokopax and LOVE IT! We take it to the store, use it on walks, and even throw him back there just to get some chores done around the house. Simple, lightweight, very comfortable - it’s a must have. 













baby: Grayson, 6 months

life with kokopax: I absolutely love my kokopax! I tried other backpacks and they were too clunky and heavy. The kokopax is so lightweight and confortable and since you are carrying baby on your back, your arms are free to do dishes, laundry, etc.....I didn't have that with front carriers. I also get so many comments on how cute the pack is! Awesome carrying solution!










baby: Josh

life with kokopax: Thank You for making a fabulous product. My husband and I love our kokopax and so does our 9 month old son. We use the backpack while making dinner, cleaning the house, picking berries, going for a walk...everything! The backpack is light, durable, comfortable, and cute. We've received many compliments on it.

Thanks for making our life with a baby a bit easier!










baby: Louisa (9 months)

hometown: Enumclaw, Washington

most profound experience: Taught in the small Native village of Noatak, Alaska with husband, Will. Fell in love with the students, made life-long friends and learned what subsistence living was all about.

boldest endeavor: Traveled around the world for a year.

current passion: Working part-time as a doula.

life with kokopax: the classic carrier™ helps Ashley and Will do household chores, gardening and entertaining -- all while keeping Louisa close and happy. Louisa loves riding in it so much she signs that she wants a ride!




name: Tamara Oleesky

baby: Alec, Colin and Gage (1 year)

hometown: originally from San Francisco, now living in Henderson, NV

most profound experience: Finding out I was going to have triplets and then having all three of them healthy and happy.

boldest endeavor: I had to take all five of my children to the emergency room and my husband was stuck in a meeting. I put two of the boys in a double stroller and the third in the kokopax. I honestly could not have done it without the kokopax!

current passion: I love spending time with all 5 of my kids and learning from them everyday!

life with kokopax: kokopax baby backpack has given me the freedom to venture out with my children without help. I can push the double stroller and still have the third child safe and happy. I could never do that before because I didn't like the triple strollers (too big) and I don't always have someone to push the third baby.

I can also get dinner made in a reasonable amount of time. As you can imagine with three babies, one is almost always unhappy when I need to be in the kitchen. With the kokopax, I can always make at least one baby happy!

name: Teala

baby: Cath

hometown: Henderson, NV

most profound experience: Giving birth. Standing on the edge of Iguazu Falls, Brazil.

boldest endeavor: Traveling alone in South America for 40 days and ditching my itinerary to follow biologists (hitchhiking!) to a remote penguin colony.

current passion: Keeping up with three children! Learning to be a better mom every day.

life with kokopax: I use my carrier to entertain my baby while I cook dinner, shop at the grocery store and take my other two kids to and from pre-school. Cath just loves it. She loves to fall asleep in the carrier - she's always with her mommy, and I can do what I need to around the
house and when I'm out. Cath always wants to be held, and this way I can!


name: Tricia Petersen Colbert

baby: Henry Petersen Colbert, age 5 months

hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

education: MBA, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

most profound experience: Singing and laughing with South African children at a small rural school in KwaZulu-Natal province

boldest endeavor: Training for and competing in the Honolulu Marathon while working 80 hours a week as an investment banker in San Francisco and New York (pre children thank goodness!) - raising money to help fight childhood leukemia and lymphoma.

current passion: Baby boys! Yoga. Golf. Healthy Living. Simple Abundance.

life with kokopax: I fly with my kids – a lot. My son Henry weighs 20 pounds at 5 months. [I am only 5 feet tall and not much over 100 pounds.] With my 2 ½ year-old son, Ned, in a stroller, our 6 year-old Westie, Scrabble, in a doggie travel bag and Henry in the Kokopax – we make a happy family. Every day. Everywhere.

name: Meghan Corchis

baby: Dylan

hometown: San Diego CA

most profound experience: I think that childbirth is the most profound experience of my life...

boldest endeavor: I knew my husband for only 6 weeks but knew he was the one. We eloped on New Years and have been happily married for 8 years!

current passion: Teaching my older children the beauty of mother nature; whether it be a gorgeous beach sunset or the way the clouds form during storms. Teaching them to always respect the earth, recycle everything, and reduce our use of paper, plastic, etc.

life with kokopax:
Taking the kids to the park and being able to still play football with my older son while Dylan is hangin' out in his kokopax.


name: Ima Medalie

baby: Seeger Thomas

hometown: Lexington, KY. Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV

most profound experience: Having 3 children under the age of 4

boldest endeavor: Moving across the country with a 3 year old, 2 year old and being 2 months pregnant. Our family resides in Kentucky. We left all of our loved one's, who were such wonderful help, and moved to Nevada. We didn't know anyone and were about to have our hands even more full by adding another "bouncing" baby boy to our family. Nervous at first, our move has been a great success and we couldn't be happier.

current passion: My passion is my children. They inspire me every day. I enjoy writing childrens books that apply to the stages of life they are going through. Friendships, sibling rivalry and basic every day obstacles from not hitting and using the potty. Writing stories about love, friendship and morals helps us bond and instills great respect and courage in my 3 boys.

life with kokopax:
 I can't imagine life without kokopax. I wish I had it when I had my 1st and 2nd baby. It has made life a million times easier whether we are at the park, at a store or just trying to clean up or cook around the house. Seeger is so comfortable and happy when he is in the kokopax. He is able to see everything and watch his brothers play. When he gets tired he just puts his little head down on the pillow rest and takes a nap. Really, how great is that! My husband plays soccer with the boys and Seeger is tickled to participate with his Daddy holding him in the kokopax. Our quality of life has blossomed because he can travel anywhere with us and is perfectly content. We are so happy to have a kokopax backpack.

name: Daisy Biggers 

life with kokopax: Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the kokopax!! It is by far the best money that I've spent on a baby product. Thanks so much for making it. Here's a photo of my happy baby riding in the kokopax. 

I seriously love my kokopax and I wear it all over the place. I love to put the baby in there when I pick my older kids up from school. It's so nice to be able to greet them with open arms when I pick them up. (as opposed to hugging them with one arm while I hold the baby with the other!) My carrier also feels so well made, with high quality fabric and a great print.  Thanks again,Daisy









name: Shannon

baby: Liren Zhao

hometown: New York

life with kokopax:
 I deeply enjoy using your carrier for my 7month old son, look at the picture, he is very happy, and my whole family is very satisfied with your product, thank you!

Thank you again for providing us such a nice product!!! I will recommend it to all of my friends.








name: Stephen

baby: Lyla, 8 months

life with kokopax: Two kids under two, two dogs and two businesses – having two carriers just makes sense! The carrier makes it so easy to include our kids in everyday life and they love being along for the ride! 

claim to fame: 
NCAA Division 1-AA Record Holder – Most Catches in a Season (120)
3 Time 1st Team All-American
Brown University – Football
Buffalo Bills, WR 2000 (free agent)







name: Kevin

baby: Kate, 10 months

current passion: Trail runner & ultramarathoner

life with kokopax: The kokopax carrier has been fantastic during our travels in Asia, especially during a recent trip to the far corners of Bali where strollers are not practical at all. It's easy to take along on a bus or in a cab in our home town of Hong Kong and is comfortable for 6'2" dad, 5' mom, and 25 pound baby!








name: Amanda

baby: Nora, 13 months

life with kokopax: Our daughter loves to be held, and our son loves for us to play with him. Our kokopax allows us to do both! We even use it to keep our daughter safe while we do yardwork. Our daughter is comfortable and secure, and Daddy and Mommy have both arms free for the tasks at hand.










name: Sarah

baby: Jalen

life with kokopax: The carrier is a godsend - you were right that they love being up high. Our little guy just ends up falling asleep all the time, which is pretty much what we want him to do anyway.

Thanks so much!