Baby Carrier Safety Tips

Safety is the first concern when using a baby carrier. You need to make sure your baby feels comfortable and is not in danger of anything. Maybe you’re not aware of the safety issues that some baby carriers have, which is why you probably clicked on this article.

If you want to know what to consider before you start carrying your baby around, here are the safety tips you must look for.

mom and dad carrying baby

  • Keep the Baby’s Head in Proper Position

When holding your baby in a carrier, you need to make sure his head is in the correct position, so he’s not in danger. Is your baby’s chin tucked into his chest? Or is his face pressed against your body?

If that’s the case, you need to take measures, as the above positions can prevent your baby from breathing and he/she could suffocate. Newborns should receive special care, as they are more prone to suffocate if not positioned correctly. Carriers require some neck strength to allow babies to hold up their head. As such, a wrap would be a better idea until the baby grows, as it has inserts that support the head and neck.[1]

  • Take Care of the Baby’s Legs

Make sure that the baby’s legs don’t hang straight down. If this happens, it can impact their hip development and possibly lead to hip dysplasia. The proper way their legs should be positioned is spread apart and they should be straddling your body. This way, their positioning will be healthy.

However, you should give your baby breaks from the carrier, so their hips can move around.

  • Make Sure Nothing’s Too Loose

Only thinking about the baby falling from the carrier is a nightmare. You want to avoid that, so make sure that all buckles and harnesses are not loose. Double-check all of them every time you’re about to use the carrier because safety is the first concern.

  • Dress Accordingly

It’s no surprise that babies should be dressed accordingly, depending on the season. During winter, you can wear the carrier inside or outside your coat. If you prefer to wear it outside, you should dress the baby in winter clothes, then put on your coat and the carrier.

However, if you prefer to wear the baby inside, you should dress him/her in indoor clothes and a hat. Afterward, you must put on the carrier and the baby, then a baby-wearing pouch, and a maternity coat, or just a coat that’s larger than your usual size.

  • Practice

Before you use your carrier for the baby, practice using it without the baby in it. Wear it around the house with a doll or stuffed toy, to have some weight in the carrier. This is a great way to get used to it upon using it for the baby, and you can learn what is safe and what is not.


Babies are fragile, which is why you need to make sure they are always safe. Therefore, these tips on how to safely hold your baby in a carrier should be of great help.

  1. Batra, Erich K., Jonathan D. Midgett, and Rachel Y. Moon. “Hazards associated with sitting and carrying devices for children two years and younger.” The Journal of pediatrics167.1 (2015): 183-187.
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