Best Baby Carrier for Breastfeeding

Taking care of a baby is hard. You have so much to do that you don’t know where to start. You have to take care of the baby, feed him/her, clean around the house, cook, and many other things. All these overwhelm you, and you wish you had more arms to be able to do everything at the same time.

For situations when you don’t even have time to breathe, baby carriers that allow breastfeeding are a blessing. With some of them you can breastfeed hands-free, so you can take care of something else in the meantime.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best baby carriers for breastfeeding.

#1 Choice – Kokopax Infant Comfort Sling

breastfeeding sling

Runner Ups

Boba Wrap

As one of the most popular baby carriers on the market, parents love it. It’s not only very easy to tie and adjust, but it also lets women of all sizes accommodate with it. In addition, reviewers say that it’s possible to adjust your baby in a certain position, so you can breastfeed him/her hands-free.

It’s made of a soft and breathable material, and it can support babies up to 35 pounds.

Hotslings Pouch

This model is another loved one, which you can easily put over your shoulder and place your baby inside. You can adjust it to fit around the baby, or simply just use the pouch as it is. You can use it if you have a newborn up to 2 years of age.

It allows you to position the baby properly for breastfeeding, so it may be a great addition to your baby care arsenal.

Ergobaby Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier

This carrier is an award-winning one, so it’s sure to be high-quality. You can wear it three ways: on the hip, facing forward, or on your back when the baby grows. The waistband is extra padded, and it also has shoulder straps, so there is enough comfort for you and the baby. It also protects your baby from sun and offers you privacy when you have to feed him/her.

One great advantage is that it is one of the carriers with the most space.

Mei Tai

A Mei Tai is a carrier originated from Chinese culture. It has one set of shoulder straps to wrap around your body, and one set of waist straps to tie around your waist. It usually depends on the brands, but they can also come with paddings in certain situations.

It is great for newborns, as it is adjustable in terms of sizing, comfortable, and even allows you to breastfeed your baby when in the upright position.

Final Thoughts

Babies require feeding when you least expect it; and when you’re in the middle of something, you need to stop what you’re doing and breastfeed your little one. However, with a baby wrap that allows you to breastfeed, your worries are gone. Some allow you to breastfeed hands-free, being a great choice when you need your hands for something else.

Hopefully, this article has shown you some useful baby carrier models that you can use.

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