Best Baby Carrier for Dads

Using your arms to carry your baby is not always the best option, as it may become exhausting, or you need to do something else at the same time. For such situations, baby carriers were invented, so you don’t need to struggle anymore.

However, most baby carriers you find are designed for the moms, so what is left for the dads? Thankfully, this article has some baby carriers that could help dads with the task as well.

#1 Kokopax Buff Dad Baby Carrier

daddy baby carrier

Runners Up

Onya Baby Outback

One important quality a baby carrier must have is comfort. It needs to feel comfortable not only for the baby but for the dad as well. This carrier made of nylon and air mesh helps you achieve that level of comfort. It has long and adjustable straps, which are also padded, with the waist strap being supportive and wide.

One amazing feature of this carrier is that it has a teething pad built into the shoulder pads. As such, a teething baby won’t just chew on the raw shoulder strap or on the carrier cover. Moreover, the carrier can support a child up to 79 pounds.

BabyBjorn One Air

This model is usually very loved because of its ergonomic design and breathable fabric. It can carry a baby of a maximum of 33 lbs., and an infant of 8 lbs. In addition, compared to baby wraps, this product allows you to get your baby into it in an easier way.

Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier

There are so many baby carriers that offer multiple adjustable options out there, meaning that the baby will be more secure and comfortable. That is what this Infantino baby carrier could provide as well.

You can use it by either having the baby faced backward or forward or sit behind in the backpack style. As such, you will have different options for when the baby grows, making the task easier for you. The extra padding on the straps makes this possible. The breathable fabric is also a great feature, as bodies pressed against each other can get really hot, and you want your baby to be safe.

Luly Ergonomic Baby Carrier

When you look for a baby carrier, you want the best option out there. It must be breathable, comfortable and versatile. Thankfully, this model has it all. It basically has 6 different position options, and the baby can be worn in front, facing inward when he/she’s up to 3 months of age. Afterward, you have the option to keep the baby either sitting in front facing outward, riding in the back or hip carrying them.

The baby carrier is very lightweight but can sustain as much as 40 pounds, while the fabric also keeps you cool.

When choosing a baby carrier for your baby, you can’t go with the first option you find. You need to make sure it works for dads as well, and that it’s secure, comfortable and versatile enough. With this quick guide, dads out there will be able to find the right baby carrier.

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