How Long Can You Carry Baby in a Carrier?

Using a baby carrier can come in handy in many situations. Carrying your little one in your arms can become exhausting after a while. Therefore, carriers allow you to carry the little human around without struggling.

Nevertheless, baby carriers come with their own safety tips, and you are probably aware that you can’t wear a baby in a carrier for a whole day. For that reason, you might be wondering about the time limit for wearing a baby in a carrier. You are going to find out with this quick guide, so let’s get started!

When Can You Start Wearing Your Baby in a Carrier?

Your baby can be held in a carrier ever since day one. There are special baby wraps for newborns, which will always keep your little one safe and comfortable.

As you’re already aware of, babies are not fully developed humans, meaning that they are more fragile. As such, not wearing them properly can be dangerous for them.

If you want to use a baby carrier, you should do proper research, because babies don’t immediately have enough neck strength to keep their head from bouncing. Therefore, a baby carrier may be dangerous to them until they reach the point where their neck is strong enough to keep the head from bouncing.

Usually, the time when they reach this point is around 4-6 months, but it depends on each baby because they have different development stages. Other factors, such as being born prematurely, may impact this, and you may only be able to use a carrier later on.

So, pay attention to your baby before you decide it’s time to use a carrier, and make sure they’re ready for it.

How Long Can You Wear the Baby in the Carrier?

How long you can hold your baby in a carrier depends on several factors. If your baby is in a safe and comfortable position, then you can wear him/her for as long as you want. If the baby is not properly positioned, it may be harmful to their hips, and the last thing you want is your baby to suffer.

In other words, you can wear the baby for as long as he/she feels comfortable enough, and the position is safe. However, you should always give your baby breaks after a certain time, so their hips can move around and not be under too much pressure. You could hold them for an hour, then take them out so it’s not harmful.

You can wear a baby in a carrier until they grow, hit the weight limit of 40 lb. and are older enough to be able to walk.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when deciding for how long you can walk around with a baby in the carrier. You need to make sure that the little human is safe and comfortable if you want to keep him/her in the carrier for a longer time. You should still make sure to give them breaks, so it’s not harmful to their hips.

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